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Game Information

Name: Gangstar Vegas

Developer: Gameloft SE

Category: Action

Current Version: 5.1.1a

Requirement: android version 4.1+ up

Download size: 1.65 GB

Updated on: December 9, 2020

Released on: Jun 19, 2013

Price: Free

Get it On: Google Play


I have heard many names of Gangster Vegas before. But I did not download for fear of MB. This is the fear that if such a big game can not be played with download. But in the end I downloaded these wonderful games at risk.
The gameplay of the game is not like Vice City but the graphics are better than Vice City. Driving is a little problem in this game. It will be fine if you practice.
This is the first time I've seen a game that has to fight ghosts. When one ghost is killed, Hawaii merges, and two are created. Alien's missions are also awesome. The most frightening is when you are taken to the world of ghosts.
The hero's fight with the villain at the end of the first world is like a movie. The villain tries to save him when he falls from the roof. All that left him. Salute to Gameloft !!
Whatever. Now it's your turn. Adults spend MB behind games without spending more MB per thing. Fun + learning + skills will all be .. This is my review.

Modifications Features

Unlimited Money

Vip Mode;

Unlimited Key

Unlimited SP

Unlimited Diamond

Anti BAN (Do not attend events).

Q&A session

Q: Which game will be shared today? - Gameloft's popular game Gangster Vegas
Q: Why do you think it is popular? - Because it is in the 3-4 position in the OpenWorld games.
Q: Can it be played on any phone? - Most of Gameloft's games are playable. And this game can be played on 512 MB.
Q: What can be the size of the game? - More than one and a half GB.
Q: Who will download such a big game? - Real gamers never care about MB. And with so many millions of people downloading and playing, why are you lagging behind?
Q: Who still wants to take the risk? - I don't know. But it is wise to take risks. Everyone will take a risk if they want to learn.
Q: What category is the game? - Definitely Action, Story dependent and OpenWorld like GTA series
Q: How long does it take to over the game? - It will take 3 days to play unlimited mode. And three months without mode in my opinion.
Q: Many people do not want to play mode, then? - My advice to them, brother, there are so many games in the world, so many games are being made daily, will you waste so much time behind one game?
Q: So what do you hear? - Over the game, if not over, how to understand the story? Understood the story, the game is over. Jumped into another game.
Q: Wow! Your logic is good!
- Thanks.

Strategy to over game

## Here is the game over to finish all the chapters of T World. Because here is the main story. The rest is a bonus. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.
## Anyway, it's time to go and play alone to find a mission spot like Vice City. So my suggestion is to select the chapter and play.
## Go to Quick Play option to play the first chapter.
Come to the far left and play the first mission. Then it will continue like this ...
## Then you will show your skills in Alien World, Ghost World. But whatever else you do, complete the mission.

Download Now

## Download and install the Apk Mod from the bottom first. Mod is given for this reason that it will be convenient to over game and Download from Playstore will not be a national problem.

Download GV v5.1.1a Vip Mod Apk


## As the Obb file is large, it would be wise to download it with a download manager. I will suggest Adm Downloader. ## Once downloaded, you must leave enough space on the phone to extract the obb folder to SDcard / Android / obb. Note: Those who do not have obb folder on Android will create, then extract. ## Use Zarchiver to Extract. ## Open the game when finished.

Problems and solutions.

Problem-1)If banned your account. please close the game and turn off your any network connection. again re open the game let's play & enjoy full offline mod features.

Problem-2) For those who don't want to play Mod, remove the obb folder from Android / obb and put it elsewhere''. Uninstall the game. Keep downloading the original Apk from other sites. - Go to Playstore, search Gangster Vegas, download, Cancel if you download one MB. Now install the main Apk. Put the obb folder back in its proper place. Open the game and play, and Download from Google / Google License Verification Failed will not show.
Problem-3) After playing one or two missions on 512 MB Ram, the auto will come out of the game. Although it is not a big problem. Because going out inside the mission will not disturb you. Accept nonroot callers.
And rooted phone users use Swap. 200-300mb. And auto will not come out guaranteed. Find out what I gave before the post to use swap.
Problem-4) Slow / Force Close - Very simple problem Go to Settings Graphics setting low or medium.
Other issues - Use the Mod version, it will be solved.
Finally, I would like to say that no matter how many people read the post written with so much effort, there are very few visitors in SumonerBD. That is not the real problem. I want my writing to reach everyone. My only request is that you please comply, so that we can give more quality posts in the future. And that's it - if everyone benefits from this post, please share it with your friends, share it on different groups on Facebook. Share on your site, but keep the link. I want to increase the visitors of SumonerBD. Thanks.
—- ***took exactly three hours to create mod & write the post. You can lave a respond from comment section. Thanks for everything. Full credit: HBSumon


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